The biggest cyber-arena in Eastern Europe.
LBE VR zone with 5 multiplayer games.

Unreal Engine 4
Substance painter
Game concept
The concept of the game has been described as an LBE experience for a cyber arena. The concept is the VR bar included a series of VR experiences designed to entertain patrons waiting in the bar area for a drink. Also, the gamification of the process allowed them to get involved in tournaments in which they could win more drinks.

The VR bar
We developed three settings for the bar. The first one - a reference to the series of games "Counter Strike" ((C) Valve), and specifically to the map "The dust".
The user spawns behind a makeshift bar in the Arabian desert, on top of a building. While playing, user see "terrorists" groups, running towards him, so his task is to eliminate them, as more as possible. The highlight is - other users can join you, and this is how the tournament starts. The user with the most points wins more drinks from the real bar!
The artistic concept
We have developed a unique visual style, locations and characters, worked out all the weapons, shells and equipment. The level designers have done a great job with the game scene - lighting, materials, weather, and so on - all in detail.
The concept of Cosmic bar is a space bar on a space station. This is a very large station - with space gates for spaceships. The user appears in a bar overlooking the gate - spaceships pass in front of the user, the Earth is seen through a giant window. There are many Space Marines around the user in the bar, the user hears different sounds. He sees space battles in front of the station, then several drones appear and attack the user - he must defend himself. When the drones are defeated, a boss appears. This is a giant artificial intelligence space robot, in order to defeat it, the user must use an energy shield. If he succeeds, he will get a drink from a real bar.
The art
We have designed a whole futuristic universe to make the user feel like they are on a real space station. We detailed over 2300 objects for this one scene alone. There are 38 characters in frame, not counting drones, bots, ships, vehicles, and more. We've designed a truly immersive virtual reality experience, spice it up with a touch of a space shooter and visualize every part of the interaction.
Game mechanics
The core game mechanic gives the user the ability to defend themselves with an energy shield and a blaster. There are additional mechanics to allow the user to control the drone and communicate with the leaderboard on the panel. Enemies come in waves - each wave contains more drones than the previous one, and these drones have more hit points and also deal more damage. The machine gun and rocket firing boss also has an energy shield, so the user must know the right moments to defend and attack.
The forest
Forest concept is the third game concept of VR bar games. It is very similar to the other two - there is a stylized bar (this time it is a magical forest with magical creatures). The user now has a crossbow, as well as a magic shield that protects them from damage. All the time different creatures run out of the forest and attack the user. There are flying creatures as well as ground creatures. They come in waves, and each wave contains more creatures. At the end, the player fights a boss.
The art
This time we tried to mix some visual ideas from game worlds like World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings and some others. Our concept artist has created non-existent creatures and given them various abilities (like exploding when they die, throwing fireballs, etc.) and passionately visualize it. The result was a colorful and juicy picture, as well as joyful battle scenes.
Game mechanics
The player can use his crossbow - it has a floating range, which makes shooting creatures quite a challenge. He can also use a magic shield - it protects against damage from creatures, but has a cooldown. Flying creatures throw fireballs and explode when they die. Ground creatures, like dogs, run fast and explode, making them dangerous and difficult targets. But it is the boss who makes the biggest problems. It is a gigantic creature that deals massive damage by hitting the player with its fists and even more damage with its fiery breath. The player must fight him to deal triple damage to kill him.
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