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Agoraverse - the first blockchain-based metaverse marketplace

The metaworld attracts both individuals and corporations. In 2026, 25% of people are expected to spend at least one hour a day in the meta-universe, and 30% of organizations will have products and services related to the meta-universe.

People already know about and are interested in the meta-universe, but currently there are few opportunities to participate in it. In 2022, 74% of U.S. residents will join or consider participating in the meta-universe, with 14% being "very familiar," 33% "interested," and 18% "enthusiastic."

Let us introduce you to this land of endless possibilities - Agoraverse

What is Agoraverse?
Agoraverse is an e-commerce metacenter, a Web 3.0 mall where you can buy both digital and physical goods. Agoraverse is an immersive, blockchain-based virtual mall. It is the first of its kind.

Clothing stores, furniture stores, art stores, NFT and any other use cases that fit the Metaverse will be available in Agora. There will also be mini-games and recreational areas for powergamers and gamers, such as restaurants, bars and clubs, to make your stay here as fun as possible.

Whether you're a company trying to get out into the meta universe or someone looking for a new shopping experience, Agoraverse is the place for you.

Metashops: open your store in the metaconsciousness
A metashop is a store located within the Agoraverse. It is owned by a company or person who sells digital or physical goods.

With metashops, you can live your shopping experience in 3D. Alone to shop online; you can now invite your friends to join you at Agora for an online shopping experience. You can also shop with new people while remaining anonymous and secure.

One of Agoraverse's most ambitious goals is to be able to see products in 3D and try them on your avatar and in your "Loft." This will allow you to make a more informed decision when buying something online. It will bring (virtual) life to life.

Users can shop securely using blockchain because transactions are anonymous. By shopping at Agora, you can keep your personal information and identity safe.

There are different types of lofts you can get at Agora:

Standard Loft: a fully customizable private virtual space that you can turn into an entertainment area, an office, or even a personal store with the help of an editor. Entry-level offering.
Loft Premium: More than the standard option, owners will notice a clean and polished look as soon as they step over the threshold, thanks to high-quality, modern features and finishes. There's also an exterior balcony for a change of scenery.
Exclusive Loft: The largest and most luxurious choice with two levels and an open floor plan, this loft is the largest and most luxurious of the options. It's the perfect place to plan big events and express your creativity.
Private Loft Access Cards
To gain access to one of the private lofts, you must have one of the access cards (shown below) in your Solana wallet. There are currently 4,400 standard copies available, 1,100 premium copies and only 55 exclusive access cards.

Each Loft will have several modification options: by default it will resemble a living room. You'll have the choice of turning it into a store or art gallery for your NFT collection, office space, or completely freeing it up and remodeling it to your liking.

The benefits of owning access cards
The rarer the access cards, the better the prizes. The project site is also temporarily running raffles that give away numerous NFTs each week.
The $AGORA token that can be earned by betting on NFT access cards
Access card enhancement using $AGORA as currency
Access to Agora's private rooms
Early access to news and whitelisting spots for upcoming projects
Discounts on real products for access cardholders
Tokenomics - $AGORA
The $AGORA token is the trade currency of the Agora metaclass universe. It will be used to buy items at various partner metashops, whether they sell NFTs or tangible objects.

The goal is to develop a currency that combines blockchain and real-world utility. With $AGORA, you can plan your next trip or even buy an engagement ring. The more businesses that join Agora, the more utility $AGORA will bring.

$AGORA will also contribute to this great endeavor. It will reward users, creators and holders for years to come. In other words, everyone who helps the ecosystem achieve its goals.

What is $AGORA's goal?
$AGORA has several uses, which include:

Short-term utility: Rewarding holders through $AGORA betting, access card renewals, lottery ticket purchases on the lottery betting platform, and participation in future NFT releases.
Medium-term utility: Renting a metashop, paying for on-demand 3D modeling services for metashops, and buying NFTs from Agora.
Long-term utility: Buy real goods at Agora and get $AGORA cashback on your purchases, play $AGORA-based mini-games at Agora, the more utility, the stronger the token.
Token Distribution.
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Initial supply: $460,000,000 (46%)
Timeline for issuance: 4 years

Key Indicators:

Initial market value: $5.9 M
Initial fully diluted market value: $13 M
Initial market capitalization / liquidity ratio: 13.1%
Every six months, $AGORA will be issued, with funds stored in seven separate wallets that can be viewed on the blockchain at any time.

The purpose of these tokens is to provide early liquidity so that $AGORA can be exchanged for $USDT, which will give the token real value. On June 3, there will be an initial coin offering to raise additional funds for the project.

A total of 16% of tokens will be sold to secure long-term funding for the project. The liquidity pools will receive 40% of the total funds raised, providing a stable and healthy token that provides a form of passive income to holders. DEX, such as Raydium, will be used to add liquidity to the pool.

As for future VC fundraising funds, as well as liquidity pools on multiple CEX platforms, these funds will be released in August 2022 in order to reduce the amount of initial supply released.


The team founded The Loft Business Club with the goal of creating something new: a meta-universe for businesses to promote their products and services, and for individuals to have a unique shopping experience. The goal is to be transparent throughout the process, offering many opportunities to interact with the Agora community while improving the environment and creating value for long-term investors.

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