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Kinetix receives $11 million in funding to push user-generated content into the metaverse.

Kinetix, which operates as an AI-assisted 3D animation company, announced that it has received $11 million in its latest seed investment round. The fundraiser itself was led by Top Harvest Capital founder Adam Goborah, with contributions from The Sandbox and ZEPETO.

Built as a no-code platform, Kinetix offers its users an easy-to-use way to convert videos into animated 3D avatars; something that would take a significant amount of time even for an experienced animator.

It's easy to see how the company was able to capture the interest of veteran VC and Metaverse platforms. This way of creating a 3D avatar allows users to easily share these solutions and integrate them into virtual worlds.

Virtual worlds are becoming more popular and globally recognized, and The Sandbox and Animoca brands represent both the potential of the metaverse and the economic interest in them. However, this interest is tempered by a pragmatic understanding that accessibility is paramount to ensure long-term usability. This is where Kinetix comes into play.

By simplifying a complex process, the company bridges the gap between user avatars and their ability to transport them into the metaverse. Backed by The Sandbox and ZEPETO, Kinetix is ​​committed to helping simplify the transition from Web2 to Web3.

You can watch one of the Kinetix tutorial videos.